Westward Expansion Worksheet Middle School

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Analyzing Triangular Trade Routes.
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Which group of people had a more difficult time, the colonists or the Native Americans? The information on a broadside should include a mixture of written description and pictures. Using this expansion westward worksheet pack to access to discuss how specific claims in. Students will then glue their copy of the painting onto the opening page of their Journal. Most features on map are drawn to scale and the scale used is clearly indicated on the map. Eventually led to the creation of the Cherokee Phoenix a newspaper for Cherokee people.

Supporting details and information are typically unclear or not related to the topic. As an extension, students can research and present on a historical figure from the lesson. Land rushes, similar to races, often occurred when land was opened up for settlement. JHancock, as we learned about each topic, we added notes in our ongoing timeline book. Who should I focus on?

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