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This stance by the NPMA should be applauded, and all pest managers and researchers around the world should use this position statement as a model to encourage policy change with their own respective registration authorities.

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If vinyl mattresses or encasements have holes, consider repairing them with duct tape or discarding them. Bed bug service must take into consideration the potential health impacts of insecticide on patients who are ill. Please read the following information and take the recommended steps to reduce the risk of spreading the insects. It is important to identify cases where this happens and address the problem from both sides of the wall or hall. Mark Rosenthal, Health Care and Food Processing Specialist for Western. New bed bug policy.

Bites that appear after sleeping may be an indication that bed bugs are present, even if they do not itch. Bed bugs can easily enter your building on the clothing, luggage and other belongings of guests or staff. Bites can appear to consult with respiratory irritation via pest it home bed bug policy will not been found. Wrap items in plastic bags, and use duct tape to seal.

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