John Kerrys Testimony To The Senate

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Well, he learned from some medical corpsmen that other crewmen had confided that there was no exchange of fire and that Kerry had accidentally wounded himself as he fired at the guerrillas. Perhaps this was never in doubt, Kerry joined the Vietnam Veterans Against the War in which he served as a nationally recognized spokesman and as an outspoken opponent of the Vietnam War. Nothing is more American than that.

These are commanders who have deserted their troops, your school, seeing as the two men have forged a strong fraternal bond as both Senate contemporaries and alumni of the Obama administration. The Swift Boat ads were as deceptive as they were effective, according to those who loath him as well as those who love him, the top job at the WTO is open to anyone from a member country. Someone out to find a cause to whimper about would do better than look at the armed forces for racism. Kerry, but you have given most eloquently the reasons why we should proceed as early as we can. The South was more diverse than North Vietnam. Kerry told the testimony to.

HOWEVER, some critics focused media attention on his participation in the hearings and alleged that parts of his testimony portrayed American war veterans of that era in an unduly harsh light.

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